Momentum 5 System Commission at Pena Colorada

February 4, 2020

Our WipWare Technician, Andrew, travelled to Pena Colorada in Mexico January 20-24th. The trip consisted of inspecting the installation and commissioning a 2-Camera Momentum 5 Particle Size Analysis System. Getting a break from our Ontario winter, he met with the Pena Colorada Metallurgical team.

Pena Colorada mine location

Andrew received a warm welcome from the Pena Colorada team. Everyone was ready to get down to work. The first step in commissioning this system was inspecting any preliminary installations that were completed prior to Andrew’s arrival.

First Momentum 5 Camera Installation

After the initial inspection, they erected the Momentum frames. All electrical and network cables were inspected and the installation was good. Our technical specialist always appreciates the preliminary work that our customers do prior to his arrival.

Second Momentum 5 camera Installation

The third step was to add the camera assembly to each frame and calibrate the system. The installation and calibrations were successfully completed and it was time to call it a a day.

The following day, after commissioning the system, our technical specialist provided training for the team before departing and heading back to Canada.

Real-time particle size telemetry is now being collected on two conveyor belts.

Thank you to the Pena Colorada team for all their assistance.

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