Reliable blast fragmentation data in three convenient solutions

WipWare designs and manufactures industry-leading PSD material analysis systems and software with real-time results. Our fragmentation analysis products are used in the field, laboratory and on-line production settings. For underground mining, surface mining, quarries, aggregate production, forestry, coarse coal applications and many more, contact us today!

Solo 6 Conveyor Analysis System
Solo 6 Conveyor Analysis System

Track oversize material, colour/contamination, or complete particle size, shape and volume on conveyor belts and chutes.

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Reflex 6 Vehicle Analysis  System
Reflex 6 Vehicle Analysis System

Measure oversize material, colour/contamination, or complete particle size and shape on moving HD, LHD and railcar vehicles.

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WipFrag Image Analysis Software
WipFrag Image Analysis Software

Collect instant PSD analysis information at the muckpile after a blast, a closer sample of a stockpile or drone/UAV images with your portable device.

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Mine to Mill Optimization
with Real-Time Actionable Results


Monitor your process
in real-time 

Our innovative analysis systems and fragmentation analysis software for conveyor belts, vehicles and in-the-field allow you to monitor, measure, and manage material in real-time.  Collect actionable data on particle size, shape, distribution, volume, sorting by colour, and oversize detection instantly.


Measure fragmentation
from Pit to Plant

Complete your image analysis across multiple platforms: iOS devices, Android devices and Windows desktop. Optimize blast performance and establish quality control for particle size, shape and colour. Compatible with drones to quickly and safely generate comprehensive data with precise geographic information.


Manage your data
from anywhere

With remote management, you can access your data across multiple platforms, make quantitative decisions, increase productivity, reduce downtime and lower operating costs. Our technology excels at bulk material quality control, detecting broken screens, automatic crusher gapping, reducing waste, improving throughput, increasing safety and conserving energy.

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