WipFrag™ 4 Image Analysis Software provides instant PSD analysis of digital images collected at the muckpile after a blast, a closer up sample of a stockpile, a laboratory sample or even drone/UAV images. With auto-scaling capabilities, WipFrag 4 is safe, cost effective and the most accurate fragmentation analysis tool in the world.

Experience the most cost-effective fragmentation analysis solution available today.

Instantly analyze images across multiple platforms 

Instantly analyze images across multiple platforms for particle size, shape and colour. Seamlessly share results across all platforms: iOS, Android, Windows. Optimize blast performance and put fragmentation at your fingertips!  Compatible with drones to quickly and safely generate comprehensive data with precise geographic information.

Predict Fragmentation 

BlastCast™ blast forecast module, included in the software, helps predict fragmentation when used in conjunction with WipFrag particle size data. The software also controls sixth-generation WipWare Photoanalysis Systems. It monitors conveyor belts or HD/LHD vehicles, providing continuous real-time particle size data to your portable device 24/7. Our particle analysis software is proven in the mining, forestry and aggregate industries.

The WipFrag Advantage

Create/Sign in to your WipWare account to access your own cloud synchronization and backup folder where you can seamlessly switch between mobile and Windows versions of the software.  

  • BlastCast blast forecast module included
  • Image analysis across multiple platforms
  • Credits will never expire and are transferrable
  • Controls 6th generation Conveyor and Vehicle Analysis Systems
  • Intuitive multi-language interface.
Image Analysis

Using WipFrag is as easy as 1-2-3

Step 1

Upload image and set the scale

Step 2

Generate the net and adjust edge parameters as needed

Step 3

Purchase credits or annual subscription to output the results

Apple Android Microsoft

You can complete your analysis and access the data from your Windows, iOS and Android devices simultaneously offering better flexibility and value.

Image Analysis options to fit your needs

  • Annual Subscription – Unlimited analyses/year. Does not include MailFrag. Non-transferrable.
  • Image credits / Pay Per Use – Credits can be used to analyze your own images or use with our MailFrag service. Credits can be transferred to other WipWare Account users. Credits never expire.
  • MailFrag Online Analysis Service – Send us your images and we’ll analyze them and return the results within two business days (weekends not included).
Image AnalysisAnnual SubscriptionPay Per UseMailFrag
Single Image by UserUnlimited1 credit
UAV/Orthomosaic Image by UserUnlimited3 credits minimum
MailFrag Single Image Analysis3 credits
MailFrag UAV/Orthomosaic Image Analysis9 credits minimum
*Credits must be purchased to complete the analysis process. In-app analysis credit purchase available. Prices are in USD.
*UAV/Orthomosaic images must be analyzed with Windows version and be in GeoTIFF format.
*UAV/Orthomosaic image analysis credits based on per hectare.
UAV/Orthomosaic – 3-credit minimum cost for Single Image by User.
UAV/Orthomosaic – 9-credit minimum cost for MailFrag user.
*Annual Subscription does not include MailFrag.
*Up to 10 devices can be logged in to your WipWare account at the same time.

Our Sampling and Analysis Guide contains everything you need to know to capture good images for analysis. The guide includes tips on camera handling, lighting, sampling techniques and how to interpret the particle size data.  

MailFrag™ Fragmentation Analysis Service

MailFrag is our online fragmentation analysis service which allows you to experience firsthand the effectiveness of WipWare Image Analysis technology.  

MailFrag is now available within the WipFrag software. Create a WipWare account, upload an image, set the scale and send us your images.

Our qualified technicians will provide accurate, easy to read reports. We can accept as many images as your study requires. 

Complete Analysis Results
Within 2 Business Days

With over 10,000 MailFrag images performed, you can feel confident that you will receive the most objective, accurate results possible. MailFrag is available within the WipFrag 4 software. Simply download WipFrag 4.

Upload Photos

Send us your images

We Do the Analysis

Analysis completed by qualified technicians

Get Results

Results available to review in approximately 2 business days


UAV GeoTIFF Orthomosaic Analysis

Send us your UAV images and our qualified technicians will analyze the results and return the particle sizing data to you within 4 business days.

You have the images—We have the answers!

Customer Testimonials

Great tool – Easy to use

The WipFrag [mobile] app has been a great tool for my Emulsion and Electronic Detonation experiments, and I am amazed at how easy it is to use. Thanks for being available for questions and training when I needed it

Dan Collier