Pena Colorada Mexico Commissioning of Solo System

WipWare representatives Thomas Palangio and Thomas de Sousa were on site at Peña Colorada Mine at Minatitlán, Colima, Mexico at the end of March to install and commission WipWare’s Solo (Online Conveyor Particle Size Analysis) System.

After installation, the system was able to successfully establish connection to the Peña Colorada network. The installation and calibrations were completed during this visit and real-time particle size telemetry is now being collected at the processing plant. 

As part of the comparison process, sieve data was collected and compared to the raw system data and calibrated. This helps to ensure that the data collected

After a successful installation, a tutorial was held on WipFrag 3.2 and how to use it as the Human to Machine Interface.

With the help from the Peña Colorada team, WipWare representatives, Thomas Palangio and Thomas de Sousa, successfully completed the installation of the Solo System. The data quality generated form the Solo system is excellent, the system has been successfully calibrated through sieve analyses to generate accurate and relevant size and volume data on the conveyor line. Moving forward, the Solo system will prove to be a highly effective tool to measure material size and shape telemetry in real-time.