Reliable Systems Means Repeat Customers at IAMGOLD

IAMGOLD Rosebel Mine

Reliable systems and rugged construction – two reasons WipWare’s customers come back and install updated systems 10 years later. This is the second major system installation of a WipWare camera system for Rosebel Mine. WipWare technical specialists installed the first conveyor analysis system in December 2011.

We design our reliable systems with our customers in mind because we want to ensure successful installations. So, even when our technical specialists cannot travel to a site, we make sure our customers have dedicated support during the installation and calibration process.

Momentum 5 Installation

In February 2021, our technical specialist met with the Rosebel team to begin installing this updated reliable and rugged system. After meeting with the team, WipWare’s technical specialist, due to travel restrictions, assisted the Rosebel team remotely to configure the system and capture the images for analysis.

The on-site team installed this new system in the same location as the older Momentum 3 system about a metre away.

The Momentum system is a completely automated conveyor material analysis system. This system measures the size distribution of unconsolidated material on conveyor belts in real time without disrupting production.

In addition to PSD data, it provides shape data (sphericity ratios), volumetric reporting, and can detect waste or distinct materials.

This technology is highly configurable and performs well in harsh industrial environments for process automation and historical reference.

Rosebel Mine’s application of this technology throughout the process plant is an excellent use of the system. It is also an ideal example of the intended function of the Momentum.

The Rosebel gold mine is located in the mineral rich Brokopondo district in north eastern Suriname, South America. The Rosebel property lies approximately 85 kilometers south of the capital city of Paramaribo. The property is accessible via paved and all-weather gravel roads from Paramaribo, a drive of about 110 kilometers.

There is a small airstrip located onsite approximately 2 kilometers from the mill operations. Suriname’s Zanderij International Airport is approximately 60 kilometers by road north of Rosebel.

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