De Beers Gahcho Kue Mine Momentum 5 Commissioning

January 9, 2020

Remote locations are no problem for WipWare’s technical specialists. What a great opportunity to commission our Momentum system at the De Beers Gachcho Kue Mine, a remote fly-in/fly-out location 280km northeast of Yellowknife, NWT. This is De Beers’ third diamond mine in Canada.

The mine covers 1200 hectares and produces approximately 4.5 million carats of diamond per year. Gahcho Kue is a joint venture between De Beers Canada Inc. and Mountain Province Diamonds Inc. Situated on Kennady Lake, Gahcho Kue operates with the highest safety and environmental standards in mind, and deep respect for the land and its people and wildlife. Gahcho Kué is an open pit operation, mining three distinct kimberlite pipes in sequence.

From November 12-18, 2019 WipWare’s technical specialist met with personnel at Gahcho Kue to commission a 2-camera Momentum 5 Online Photoanalysis System. Upon arrival, our specialist toured the process plant to preview the installation locations. All locations showed excellent installations of the camera and wiring so commissioning proceeded.








The software was configured and calibrated for each camera. The cameras acquired good images and EDP settings performed well. All procedures were completed quickly and smoothly due to the support of the Gahcho Kue team. Due to the efficient setup, De Beers and WipWare also had occasion to discuss and demonstrate further possibilities and extensions of the Momentum system and WipFrag software while onsite, as well as identifying opportunities for other WipWare products and services at Gahcho Kué.


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