What is WipWare’s Warranty Policy?

July 9, 2014

By: Cory Sloan Question: What is WipWare’s warranty policy? Answer: WipWare Inc. offers a one-year limited warranty on all products, including components and software. WipWare Inc. also allows the customer to have peace of mind with the offer of an extended warranty, which will not only extend the warranty of any WipWare system for a full year […]

How Can I See The Data?

July 4, 2014

By: Kevin Rivard Question: How can I see the data? Answer: Both Delta and WipFrag produce a % passing or retained curve visible after each sieve. It also saves the data to a CSV (comma-separated values) file. Each sieve analysis produces a new line in the CSV file that represents the results from the sieve. This CSV […]

What Benefits Does WipWare Offer?

June 24, 2014

By: Cory Sloan Question: What advantages can be gained by utilizing WipWare’s photo-analysis systems and software? Answer: By utilizing WipWare’s line of photo-analysis systems (Momentum, Solo, Reflex) you can expect to drastically lower energy, and maintenance costs, as-well as cut equipment downtime and aid in quality control. WipWare systems produce real-time, process automation friendly results that allow […]

WipWare at Hillhead

WipWare is proud to be part of Hillhead 2014, the largest quarry show in the world which kicked off this morning in Buxton, England. Our European Value Added Reseller, Syscom BV, from the Netherlands, is displaying a WipWare Solo bulk material particle size analysis instrument at Booth C PC14. WipWare’s President Tom Palangio, Technical Officer […]

See WipWare at Hillhead

June 20, 2014

WipWare is heading to England next week for the world’s largest quarry show. Hillhead 2014 at Lafarge Tarmac’s Hillhead Quarry near Buxton, Derbyshire, will play host to 450 UK and international suppliers of plant, equipment, materials and services for the quarrying, construction and recycling industries featuring a huge range of static display exhibits and live […]

What’s the Best Way To Take Photographs for Fragmentation Analysis?

June 11, 2014

By: Cory Sloan Question: I have purchased WipFrag software and have a few questions about the proper acquisition of photographs to be used with this software? Answer: There are many considerations to take into account when taking photographs which will be used with WipFrag software. The expert photographers and software designers here at WipWare have put together […]

What System is Best Suited for my Application?

June 3, 2014

By: Kevin Rivard Question: What system is best suited for my application? Answer: A WipWare Momentum Photoanalysis System is best suited for conveyor belt applications where multiple points of analysis are desired. Momentum is designed for permanent installation and requires Ethernet or fibre optic cabling to your control room. It can be expanded to include up to […]

How Often Does WipWare Release Updates?

May 26, 2014

By: Thomas Palangio Question: How often does WipWare release updates? Answer: We release updates roughly every 1-2 months. These updates range anywhere from minor bug fixes to additional features. For example, the next update to be released for WipFrag and Delta will improve image analysis speed by up to 25%. These updates by default will be downloaded […]

WipWare launches Technical Q&A Series

May 16, 2014

By: Thomas Palangio Today, WipWare launched its Technical Question & Answer Series to answer your technical queries. This new series will unravel questions asked by the market. So, let’s begin; Question: What is the smallest/ largest particle size WipWare technology can detect? Answer: There is no limit to the smallest or largest particle size that can be […]

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