What Maintenance is Required for WipWare Photoanalysis Systems?

By: Kevin Rivard

Question: What regular maintenance is required for WipWare Photoanalysis Systems?

Answer: The only regular maintenance required for our systems is to ensure the lens and lights are clean with as little dust/dirt as possible.

The frequency that the system will need to be cleaned will depend on the environment it operates in:


Very dusty 1-3 weeks

Moderate dust 2-6 weeks

Little or no dust 4-8 weeks

Method 1: Water hose 

The first method is the most common. Using a water hose, simply spray down the system ensuring the lens is clean and free of any noticeable dust or dirt. If possible use a squeegee to remove any droplets that may remain on the lens. Doing this helps prevent dust from collecting in the droplets that remain which could leave deposits on the lens that interfere with image capture. Since our systems are completely waterproof this method is usually the easiest and most effective way to clean the lens. It can also be done without having to shut down the conveyor belt.

Method 2: Clean damp cloth/paper towel 

Another option is to use a clean damp cloth or paper towel with water or Windex. Using a clean microfiber cloth would be ideal, but those may be hard to find at mine sites. Try not to press to hard when wiping the lens, the accumulated dust could leave scratches in the lens if too much pressure is applied. Note: In sub Zero Temperatures refrain from using water or Windex as it will freeze to the lens and cause inadequate image quality. We recommend using standard windshield washer that is rated for the correct sub-zero temperature.

Method 3: Compressed air 

It’s also acceptable to use compressed air from a can or hose to dust off our systems. This method works well, but will kick up a lot more dust than the liquid methods. We recommend using a dust mask when using compressed air to clean off out systems.