Product & Tutorial Videos

Wipware Tutorial
Auto Scale

A brief tutorial on capturing images for fragmentation analysis using WipFrag’s Auto Scale feature. When you’re ready to take a picture in the field, you can do so without the use of scale objects by using WipFrag’s Auto Scale feature. It’s a very simple 3-step process. This video briefly steps through the process to get new WipFrag users started.

Wipware Tutorial
Blast Cast

A brief tutorial on Blast Cast, a simple and powerful blast optimization model built in to WipWare’s WipFrag app, and an easy way to optimize your blasts. After you’ve finished analyzing the particle size and shape distribution of blasted material with the WipFrag app, you can optimize your next blast based on the results. Use Blast Cast to view a predicted blast curve alongside your the current material results. You can then manipulate the bench height, burden, spacing, bore hole diameter, rock factor, drill accuracy, relative weight strength, and density to see how changes to these factors will affect fragmentation.