How Does WipWare Facilitate Training For Its Unique Products?

By: Cory Sloan

Question: How does WipWare facilitate training for its unique products?

Answer: WipWare goes above and beyond to ensure that not only customers, but any individual or company who may show interest in a WipWare product has the utmost training and confidence when it comes to utilizing our extensive line of photoanalysis systems.

WipWare offers many versatile ways to educate or train individuals whether it is on-site or remote, via online webcast or video conferencing. Anywhere in the world, WipWare has you covered!

For example, with the purchase of a WipFrag software package, you will receive a free one-hour interactive web conference with a qualified WipWare technician who will demonstrate the various functions, controls, and capabilities of the software, as well as answer any questions you may have. With the purchase of one of WipWare’s online particle size analysis instruments you will receive one day of in-house administrative training with a qualified WipWare technician. WipWare will provide training on every aspect of the instrument from installation and connectivity to software and statistical data management.

WipWare also holds an annual training seminar for customers, potential clients, and distributors. The seminar is held at the Canadian Ecology Centre in the beautiful Samuel de Champlain Provincial Park, a short drive from WipWare’s head office in North Bay. This three-day seminar gives customers and clients an up close look at WipWare technology and the people who stand behind it. With various activities mixed in with hands on training and lectures by international experts in blasting, explosives, and mineral processing, customers and clients can feel at ease knowing that they are receiving unsurpassed devotion from a team of employees who care about sharing their knowledge of process optimization to create strong, long-lasting customer bonds.

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