Training Seminar 2015


Experience has taught us that the best way for people to leverage all the opportunities and benefits of the WipWare Photoanalysis Systems is through interactive exercises and practice, rather than lectures. WipWare workshops involve a combination of case studies, thought-provoking discussions, lectures, demonstrations, and videos. We have training available at one of our facilities, on-site with your system, or remotely via online webcast. Feel free to contact us for a training opportunity with one of our staff members!


Our training is focused on software functionality, hardware connectivity, system calibration, and statistical data management; additional topics can be added to the curriculum as part of a custom training or group course to best suit your needs.

Our training is practical and immediately applicable to help your company maximize the benefits of WipWare technology.


Working hard at the training course
Jack Eloranta giving a presentation at the Training Seminar
Trying out WipFrag at the training course