WipFrag for Android

WipFrag Android

WipWare is excited to announce that we have released WipFrag for Android. Now, our customers can experience WipFrag fragmentation analysis software on their Android devices. The new WipFrag for Android includes our Auto-Scale feature that eliminates the need for a reference scale.

WipFrag Android

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Offer valid until June 30th

Our WipFrag products allow instant PSD analysis of digital images. These images can be collected at the muck pile after a blast, a closer up sample of a stockpile, a laboratory sample or even drone/UAV images.

WipFrag 3 allows users to capture blast pile fragmentation using iOS, DSLR and UAV images. With auto-scaling capabilities on iOS and Android , WipFrag 3 is safe, cost effective and the most accurate fragmentation analysis tool in the world.

In addition to providing particle size and shape distribution, the latest version of WipFrag is capable of detecting two types of irregularity/contamination/dilution based on material colour.

Other platforms available: WipFrag iOS, WipFrag for Windows (Download Only) and WipFrag for Windows USB.