What System is Best Suited for my Application?

By: Kevin Rivard

Question: What system is best suited for my application?

Answer: A WipWare Momentum Photoanalysis System is best suited for conveyor belt applications where multiple points of analysis are desired. Momentum is designed for permanent installation and requires Ethernet or fibre optic cabling to your control room. It can be expanded to include up to 15 cameras providing real time information on material size at all the key locations in your operation 24/7.

The WipWare Solo instrument is also used on conveyor belt applications, but is smaller, portable and completely autonomous; all it requires is power. The Solo can connect with your control room via Ethernet cable or through WiFi, and with a simple frame and quick setup, it can be easily relocated to monitor various points throughout your operation.

WipWare Reflex is designed to measure material on moving vehicles. It’s mainly used at haul truck and scoop tram dumping locations to measure blasted material before being processed by the primary crusher returning excellent information on the result of a blast. It has on occasion been used to analyze difficult locations such as apron feeders. The Reflex system is designed as a permanent installation and analyzes dumping locations automatically when a truck is present. It can also be connected through Ethernet or WiFi.