What Has WipWare Technology Been Used For?

By: Mark Wagner

From eggs to SAGs: Applications for WipWare technology are vast, peculiar

At WipWare, we often coin ourselves as a mining and aggregate technology provider, as these two industries make up the most of our business. The beauty of photoanalysis technologies, is that with a suitable image, our products can analyze anything from micron material to planets. We all know that automated particle sizing is a crucial part of the mining and aggregate industry, but as you will see, material size is not only important for rocks. Here are some of the cool applications we have had the pleasure of working with: 

Mars Curiosity Rover: There may not be any mining on Mars (that we know of), but the Curiosity rover is taking pictures that are being analyzed for oversized obstacle detection. What a great way to identify and steer clear of obstacles, and keep Curiosity roaming.

Scrambled eggs. That’s right, I said scrambled eggs. A food supplier from the US contacted us looking to optimize the fluffiness and fragmentation of the scrambled eggs they use. I’ll never look at scrambled eggs the same way ever again.

Processed kimberlite: Getting out of our chef’s apron and putting our hard hats back on, we have been working very closely with multiple diamond companies around the world to accurately analyze the process kimberlite material on their conveyor belts. What’s so incredible about this application? Well, it’s pretty normal, except for the fact that the material ranges from as low as 1.2mm (0.0472440″ for our Imperial friends). Once again, if a suitable image can be captured, WipWare can analyze it.

…And of course, we work with hundreds of applications that deal with broken screen detections, contamination, quality control procedures, pre- and post- crusher optimization and SAG mill throughput applications.