What is Solo™?

Solo is a portable particle size analysis instrument for measuring the size distribution of unconsolidated material on conveyor belts in real-time without disrupting production. It is an autonomous, stand-alone, plug and play system that is ideal for relocation.

Portable Particle Size Analysis System

This portable analysis system collects particle size, shape, volume and identifies irregularities based on shade. Furthermore, it can improve SAG throughput, evaluate crusher performance, detect broken screens, and discover contamination.

The frame is adjustable to accommodate practically all conveyor sizes, has its own light source. Also, this system has dedicated internal heaters which will protect it by pre-heating or heating in the event it gets too cold. As a result, Solo performs well in harsh industrial environments for process automation, historical reference or direct control.

Results can be accessed remotely through a desktop computer or at your fingertips with an iOS or Android device.

Monitor, measure and manage material on conveyor belts; Particle size, Volumetrics, Contamination!


    Solo Benefits

    • Non-Contact
    • Non-Disruptive
    • Fully Automated
    • Establish Quality Control
    • Characterize Material
    • High Accuracy
    • Improve Safety
    • Increase Efficiency
    • Increase Throughput
    • Objective Quantification
    • Detect Irregularities
    • Real-Time Results
    • Reduce Equipment Downtime
    • Decrease Maintenance
    • Reduce Waste

    How It Works

    When material is presented, the camera acquires image samples which are processed onboard. Proprietary edge detection is used to render a polygon network around each particle to instantly generate material specifications such as size distribution, uniformity, shape along with material volumetrics and more in real-time.

    The Solo Autonomous Fragmentation Analysis Instrument can reduce energy and maintenance costs, enhance personnel safety and improve throughput and quality control procedures because Solo is capable of detecting relative changes or contamination in your process.

    Our Solo Instrument connectivity is via Ethernet or Fiber Optic cable. Optional connections through USB WiFi or GSM.

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    Read how one WipWare client used Solo particle size data to provide feedback on blast fragmentation as well as optimize mill throughput by manipulation of stockpile feeders.


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