Successful Technical Site Visit at Sudbury INO Nickel Rim South Mine

On October 29th, one of WipWare’s Technical Specialists visited the Nickel Rim South Mine to gather information about particle size distribution of the standard run material.  This project was carried out through cooperation with Glencore Canada, Hatch Ltd, Jenike & Johanson Ltd. and WipWare Inc. The companies involved needed data on what material would be carried by the belt, and how the material would be processed. WipWare’s involvement was to gather photographs of the material and determine particle size and shape data through photo analysis with WipWare’s WipFrag software.

The visit to Nickel Rim South Mine was efficient and effective. The information needed was gathered quickly and safely. All parties were very accommodating of the required equipment that WipWare had to bring into the mine to effectively photograph the material. Excellent pictures were taken at the various locations that ensured an appropriate amount of data was collected and analyzed.

A special thank you to everyone on site for accommodating this project.