Solo Commissioning at BHP Jimblebar, Australia

At the end of October, our WipWare Technical Specialist had the pleasure of traveling to Western Australia to install our Solo Online Conveyor Particle Size Analysis System at the BHP Jimblebar Mine. With the support and assistance of BHP and the Downer teams, the system was successfully installed with real-time particle  size telemetry being collected.

The team met on the first day for a safety discussion and to visit the location where the Solo System would be installed. Our Technical Specialist also reviewed the installation steps. BHP and the Downer team installed the Solo System and Hood while our specialist concentrated on the camera, verified functionality and collected sample images for setup.

After the set up was completed, a product demonstration  and a quick tutorial  with WipFrag software was done.

The system will be able to detect very subtle changes in material size and shape allowing automation and optimization efforts.

Thank you to everyone for your cooperation with the successful installation of WipWare’s Solo System.