Momentum 5 Commissioning at Rio Tinto Fer et Titane

At the beginning of March, Technical Specialists Marty Wanner and Andrew Palangio arrived on-site to commission WipWare’s Momentum 5 Photoanalysis System. Andrew and Marty met representatives from BBA and Rio Tinto to get them logged in and ready to begin commissioning the system.

The WipWare team was brought to the site of the Momentum camera assembly where they verified the physical installation and connections. The installation performed in this location by RTFT was excellent, with special attention given to safe and organized cabling for an overall neat and meticulous installation.










Once the electrical team completed their work, Marty and Andrew connected to the work station to begin the commissioning and confirm good connectivity between the camera and workstation. After confirmation that the system was operational and data was being received, a training session was scheduled on the Momentum system and WipFrag software.

After a 2 day visit to Rio Tinto Fer et Titane, the setup of the Momentum system and camera was successfully completed due to the great teamwork between BBA and RTFT personnel and the visiting WipWare technical specialists.

Marty and Andrew would like to thank everyone involved at Rio Tinto Fer et Titane. They were welcoming, efficient, and helpful.