Solo cameras are an integral part of our operations

The Solo cameras are an integral part of our operations for both the milling and flotation circuits. The cameras allow us to understand the incoming ore’s particle size and color characteristics, to track the impact of these properties through SAG milling and flotation, and to provide real-time control inputs to the operators of these circuits. Andrew and his team have been exceptionally generous with their time and expertise and unfailingly supportive in our journey on-site towards improved use of these instruments. The WipWare team has helped us troubleshoot and retrofit old versions of their technology long past when most vendors would have recommended replacement. The WipWare team also custom built a software algorithm to process camera color information which was specifically tailored to our use case. I would highly recommend WipWare camera technology for any process plant, not simply because of the quality of the technology, but also due to their incredible customer support.