What is the Best Material Analysis System for My Application?

To ensure that you get the best material analysis system for your specific application, our team will work directly with you to help determine what you need. We provide solutions for sizin endüstri: madencilik, taş ocakları, agrega, ormancılık, tarım, kaba kömür uygulamaları, patlayıcılar ve daha fazlası.

Manual sieving techniques are still used today but there is a better way. With WipWare systems, automatic data processing is available. Our systems are easily installed and completely autonomous, operating 24-7. They are Kullanıcı dostu allowing the user to access data across multiple devices: Windows, iOS and Android. onların ile sağlam tasarım, it’s perfect for industrial environments with operating temperatures ranging from -40°C to +80°C.

Birlikte Evrensel çerçeve tasarımı, our Solo 6 systems will install on any conveyor belt size needed. Also, the frame comes with an entegre yüksek verimli ışık kaynağı to get the best images for material analysis. Even better, all of our systems use WipFrag HMI olarak (İnsandan Makineye Arayüz) ve lisans gerekmez.

Maximum size or Colour detection system

Are you looking for maximum size or colour detection? Sometimes simpler is better. With our Solo 6 and Reflex 6 Basic material analysis systems, you can choose what is best for you. Whether you need the system at the primary crusher or on a conveyor, our Basic System product line is purpose-built to target material based on maximum particle size or material colour differentiation.

conveyor analysis system showing camera and frame design

There are two options available for our Solo 6 Conveyor Analysis System: Solo 6 Basic and Solo 6 Standard.

PSD Analysis – Standard system

Alternatively, you may be looking for full PSD analysis to measure real-time particle size, shape distribution, volume and colour differentiation of unconsolidated material. Our Standard product line provides this option, unlocking the full potential of our material analysis systems.

vehicle material analysis system

There are two options available for our Reflex 6 Vehicle Analysis System: Reflex 6 Basic and Reflex 6 Standard.

Processes that our material analysis systems can help with:

  • Kırıcı boşluk kontrolü
  • Kırık ekranları algılama
  • Renk bazlı sıralama
  • Kontaminasyon/seyreltme tespiti
  • Renge göre düzensizlikleri tespit edin
  • 25 kullanıcı tanımlı boyutlar
  • SAG verimini optimize edin
  • Kırıcı verimini optimize edin
  • Ön birincil kırıcı aşırı boyut tespiti

We strive to provide our customers with the best technology for PSD analysis, colour sorting or oversize detection.

Bize Ulaşın today or reach out to one of our VARs around the world to answer any of your questions.