WipWare launches Technical Q&A Series

By: Thomas Palangio

Today, WipWare launched its Technical Question & Answer Series to answer your technical queries. This new series will unravel questions asked by the market. So, let’s begin;

Question: What is the smallest/ largest particle size WipWare technology can detect?

Answer: There is no limit to the smallest or largest particle size that can be detected by our systems; however the real limitations lie in the image resolution. Optical granulometery technology requires length/width/area which is only possible with an absolute minimum of three pixels defining the “smallest detectable particle” for a specific camera zoom and resolution. The largest particle should ideally not occupy more than 20% of the image space to achieve a proper particle size distribution. Keep in mind that good image samples can be collected from telescopes, UAV’s or even electron microscopes. Camera and processor technology advance rapidly from year to year further reducing these limitations.

WipWare designs and manufactures industry leading photoanalysis software and hardware (since 1986) that offers real-time analysis of material in the field, laboratory and on-line production settings for underground and surface mining, quarries and aggregate production.