WipWare BlastCast Tool Predicts Fragmentation

Module enhances pioneering fragmentation analysis software

Initial reaction to a new blast prediction module recently developed by WipWare Inc. has been extremely positive.

WipWare unveiled BlastCast®, an innovative blast fragmentation forecaster and one of the latest improvements to the high-tech firm’s ever-evolving WipFrag software, at the 40th Annual International Society of Explosives Engineers (ISEE) Conference in Denver last month.

Hailed as a major enhancement to WipFrag, the software that pioneered photographic fragmentation analysis now used throughout the mining, mineral processing and aggregate industries, users input the parameters of a particular blast in the BlastCast window and it automatically generates a graph displaying the predicted fragmentation.

After blasting, users measure the resulting fragmentation using WipWare photoanalysis technology and superimpose the results on the BlastCast graph to compare actual fragmentation with the prediction.

The parameter sliders in BlastCast can now be adjusted for various factors in order to shift the curve in the desired direction. As the process is repeated over time, BlastCast predictions become more and more accurate.

BlastCast is accessed by pressing the BlastCast button in the Tools section of the WipFragToolbar.

WipWare Inc. is the world leader in photoanalysis of fragmented material, with more than 20 years development experience assisting mines and mills optimize blast procedures, improve plant throughput and increase production.

A global network of distributors ensures its clients local access to sales and service. WipWare’s systems are employed throughout the mining, forestry and aggregate sectors.