What’s the Best Way To Take Photographs for Fragmentation Analysis?

By: Cory Sloan

Question: I have purchased WipFrag software and have a few questions about the proper acquisition of photographs to be used with this software?

Answer: There are many considerations to take into account when taking photographs which will be used with WipFrag software. The expert photographers and software designers here at WipWare have put together a helpful and insightful document correctively named “The Sampling and Analysis Guide”.

This document covers the following topics:

1. What is WipFrag/MailFrag Service?
2. Collecting quality image samples
3. Analyzing images using WipFrag
4. How to submit a MailFrag study
5. Interpreting particle size data
6. Frequently Asked Questions
7. MailFrag pricing and service terms

This document is available in the Products and Services section of the WipWare website.