What Material Analysis System is Best Suited For My Application?

At WipWare, our customers come first. To ensure that you get the best material analysis system for your specific application, our team will work directly with you to help determine what you need. We provide solutions for your industry: mining, quarries, aggregate, forestry, agriculture, coarse coal applications, explosives and many more.

Manual sieving techniques are a thing of the past. Now, with WipWare’s material analysis systems, automatic data processing is available. Our systems are easily installed and completely autonomous, operating 24-7. They are user-friendly allowing the user to access data across multiple devices: Windows, iOS and Android. With their robust design, it’s perfect for industrial environments with operating temperatures ranging from -40°C to +80°C).

With a Universal frame design, our systems will install on any conveyor belt size needed. Also, the frame comes with an integrated high efficiency light source to get the best images for analysis. Even better, our systems use WipFrag as the HMI (Human to Machine Interface) and no license required.

We strive to provide our customers with the best technology for PSD analysis, colour sorting or oversize detection. Our technology has saved clients millions in:

  • Energy Costs
  • Maintenance Costs
  • Process Optimization
  • Quality Control
  • Lost-Time Injuries
  • Equipment Downtime
  • Quantitative Decisions

Contact us today and find out what product is right for you! Visit our website and view our product line.