What Benefits Does WipWare Offer?

By: Cory Sloan

Question: What advantages can be gained by utilizing WipWare’s photo-analysis systems and software?

Answer: By utilizing WipWare’s line of photo-analysis systems (Momentum, Solo, Reflex) you can expect to drastically lower energy, and maintenance costs, as-well as cut equipment downtime and aid in quality control. WipWare systems produce real-time, process automation friendly results that allow personnel to identify, evaluate, and optimize troublesome areas of their process while maintaining production.

WipWare’s WipFrag software allows the end user to analyze blast fragmentation and even forecast the results of future blasts based on modifications to the user’s blast parameters. This has been proven useful in the mining, forestry and aggregate industries to help cut energy costs, improve efficiency and minimize equipment maintenance costs.

WipWare systems are currently being used in many different applications; see here to see how WipWare technology is being implemented and how it has benefited the end users.