What is Vertex TM?

    Measure maximum particle size or material type on conveyor belts in real time with integrated processor.

    The Vertex is a simplified version of our typical online system. It is a purpose-built system that strictly detects oversize (S-Type) or tracks 2 material colors (C-Type). This stand-alone system is ideal for crusher gap control, detecting broken screens, or potential sorting applications. Vertex has a robust autonomous design that is compatible with DCS (Distributed Control Systems). The Vertex is very competitively priced and designed to be easily deployed and operated.

    • Non-Contact
    • Non-Disruptive
    • Fully Automated
    • Establish Quality Control
    • Detect Oversize Material
    • Track two Material Colours
    • High Accuracy
    • Improve Safety
    • Increase Efficiency
    • Real-Time Results
    • Reduce Equipment Downtime
    • Reduce Maintenance Costs
    • Reduce Energy Consumption
    • Reduce Waste
    • Objective Quantification

    How it Works

    When material is present, the camera acquires image samples which are processed onboard. Proprietary edge detection is used to render a polygon network around each particle to instantly identify oversize or detect up to two material colors. Because Vertex is capable of detecting oversize or contamination in your process, it can reduce energy and maintenance costs, enhance personnel safety and improve throughput and quality control procedures.

    The WipWare Limited Warranty can be found here. If you wish to download related documents, go to our Resources page.

    Tell us about your fragmentation analysis needs and we will recommend the right WipWare product for you.


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