MailFrag Service

What is MailFrag Analysis Service™?

MailFrag is an online fragmentation analysis service which allows you to experience firsthand the effectiveness of WipWare Photoanalysis technology. The particle size data is second to none for speed, accuracy, repeatability, objectivity, cost and the service is quick and affordable.

Our qualified technicians will provide accurate, easy to read reports. Simply send us your images and we’ll promptly return you the particle sizing data. We can accept as many images as your study requires. You have the images, we have the answers!

Get complete analysis results within 48 hours after uploading photographs of material to our MailFrag service. Each image sent can be analyzed separately or if you wish to have merged results, you can send the images as one study which will give you a comprehensive report on your material.

Now Available: UAV GeoTIFF Orthomosaic Analysis. Send us your UAV images and our qualified technicians will analyze the results and return the particle sizing data to you within 48 hours.

Fragmentation Analysis Service

We do the analysis

Using MailFrag is as easy as 1-2-3

1. Send us your images

WipWare MailFrag

2. We do the analysis

3. Results back in approximately 48 hours

Create a WipWare account and purchase image credits using a credit card or PayPal account (Other payment methods are available with assistance). Upload your photographs using MailFrag credits. One of our expert staff will analyze the images and return results, usually within 48 hours. With over 10,000 MailFrag images performed, you can feel confident that you will receive the most objective, accurate results possible.

The WipWare Limited Warranty can be found here. If you wish to download related documents, go to our Downloads page.

Our 40-page Sampling and Analysis Guide contains everything you need to know to capture good photographs for fragmentation analysis including tips on camera handling, lighting, sampling techniques and how to interpret particle size data.

Tell us about your fragmentation analysis needs and we will recommend the right WipWare product for you.


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