Crushing it at St Marys Cement in Charlevoix

At St Marys Cement, a three (3) camera Momentum Online Conveyor / Vehicle Particle Analysis System was installed and commissioned from Tuesday, July 16, 2019 to Friday, July 19, 2019. It was located at Votorantim Cimentos North America (VCNA) St Marys Cement quarry and plant in Charlevoix, Michigan, USA.

With the support and assistance of their team, the system was installedand everything looked great.

After the installation, WipWare’s technical specialist worked on configuring and calibrating the system.

After completing the calibration, our technical specialist provided a training session for St Marys Cement personnel. The group was very engaged and had many in-depth questions about the analysis process.

The following day, our technical specialist verified that the trigger values were optimal with varying material on the conveyor.

With help from the VCNA team, our representative successfully commissioned the Momentum system and its three (3) cameras. The system is successfully collecting particle size and shape data at the primary crusher and on two conveyors.

Moving forward, WipWare believes that the Momentum system will prove to be a highly effective tool to measure material size and shape telemetry in real-time, and the data from the system will help keep St Marys Cement’s product in specification and avoid unnecessary downtime.
The visit to VCNA St Marys Cement was very pleasant and productive, and the staff there were professional and efficient.

A special thanks to all personnel who assisted our WipWare representative during the installation.