Collahuasi Commissioning in Chile

May 30, 2019

The Collahuasi Copper Mine is situated in northern Chile, about 180km southeast of the port of Iquique, at an altitude of 4,000m. Collahuasi is based on a typical low-grade copper porphyry, comprising three ore zones: the major Ujina and Rosario deposits consisting of secondary, enriched sulphides and oxides and the Huinquintipa oxide deposit.










One of our WipWare Technical Specialists had the pleasure of making a trip to Ujina Planta Concentradore, Chile at the Collahuasi Copper Mine in Chile. Of course, before beginning the installation of our WipWare 3-Camera Momentum System, he was able to enjoy some sight-seeing.










Some site-specific training and medical testing were required prior to the installation due to the altitude of the mine. Our technician was on-site from March 29 to April 5th and all went well. Meeting with our Omega Servicios VAR and staff was another highlight to the trip.








Thank you to Eduardo and Felipe of Omega Servicios for being such gracious hosts and a pleasure to work with.


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