Celebrating 25 Years of Innovation

25 Years

WipWare is celebrating twenty-five years of innovation in the industry. Our technology gives our customers real-time information on their material. From systems for conveyors and haulage trucks to software on your iOS or Android device, WipWare does it all from Pit to Plant.

Ground-breaking WipFrag Software

Twenty-five years ago, WipWare made its mark on the explosives industry with the ground-breaking WipFrag Software and the first ever integrated vision systems for fragmentation analysis. At that time, the internet was brand new. Most computers were running DOS, and smartphones didn’t exist yet. The innovations that have reshaped business in this century, like wireless internet, e-commerce, social media and cloud technology were yet to arrive.

Over the next two and half decades, WipWare has continued to lead the charge in fragmentation analysis. We have introduced five generations of automated photoanalysis systems and made WipFrag software available for thousands of customers. Our software can be used on Windows, iOS and most recently, Android devices. As well, WipFrag is the HMI (Human to Machine Interface) for our online systems. In 2014, we developed our WipFrag for iOS with the auto-scale feature that eliminates the need for a scale reference. This year, we introduced WipFrag for Android with the same features as iOS. Also available is WipFrag for Windows, designed to handle large data sets that allow for orthomosaic image analysis.

Crownsmen Partner Interview with Tom

Two years ago, Tom Palangio, President of WipWare was interviewed by The Crownsmen Partners at the CIM in Vancouver. During this interview, Tom discusses how innovation, being a disruptor in the early years and providing excellent leadership has shaped WipWare into the company it is today. Our technology is designed to take care of all your process needs from pit to plant.

Remote Management

WipWare continues to provide the industry with powerful tools, helping countless companies monitor, measure and manage their materials the smart way. Our state-of-the-art arsenal of online systems generate particle size, shape, volume and colour data in real-time for material on conveyor belts and vehicles. Our comprehensive software can be used in the field, laboratory or office to instantly determine the particle size and shape distribution of nearly any material, without the use of a scale object.

We are celebrating 25 years of innovation thanks to all who have and continue today to support, sustain and make us successful.