WipFrag for Windows Supports Drone Imagery

September 7, 2018

Detailed fragmentation analysis of high quality drone images can be achieved with the use of WipFrag for Windows, a relatively inexpensive quality drone, and third party flight path software.

Along with WipFrag, we recommend specific DJI products and flight path software such as Drone Deploy or Pix4D. Using flight path software products with a drone will allow you to generate 3D profiles, stockpile volumes, elevation heat mapping, and our favorite – GeoTIFF orthomosaic images.

We use the GeoTIFF orthomosaic images to do detailed blast fragmentation measurements with our WipFrag for Windows software. Simply put, an orthomosaic image is a series of multiple aerial photographs stitched together to create a high resolution, larger image: the individual photographs are programmatically aligned to maintain scale and to create an exact representation of the earth’s surface so true distances can be measured.

With the use of drones for orthomosaic images, you do not need to provide a scale reference on the blast pile. GeoTIFF orthomosaic images have the scale reference embedded in them so no physical scale reference is required.

WipFrag for Windows is required as it has enhanced capabilities for very large image support. GeoTIFF orthomosaic images are very large: iOS devices are currently limited and WipFrag for iOS cannot handle these large files properly.

Also, our MailFrag service now supports GeoTIFF Orthomosaic images. UAV image submission is the same as standard MailFrag image submission; however, four MailFrag credits are required for one UAV image analysis.

Please visit http://wipware.com/products/mailfrag/ for more information on MailFrag.

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