WHAT IS Reflex™?

Monitor, measure and manage material on vehicles!

Reflex is an automated real-time fragmentation analysis instrument designed to measure particle fragmentation on moving LH or LHD vehicles without disrupting production. This technology is autonomous and performs well in harsh industrial environments for blast optimization, historical reference or direct control.




• Non-Contact
• Non-Disruptive
• Fully Automated
• Establish Quality Control
• Characterize Material
• High Accuracy
• Improve Safety
• Increase Efficiency

• Detect Irregularities
• Real Time Results
• Reduce Equipment Downtime
• Reduce Maintenance
• Reduce Waste
• Increase Throughput
• Objective Quantification

Read how one WipWare client used Reflex particle size data to provide feedback on the control of blast fragmentation as well as optimize mill throughput by manipulation of stockpile feeders.


When a vehicle is detected, the origin of the material is determined and the camera begins acquiring image samples. Proprietary edge detection is used to render a polygon network around each particle to instantly generate material specifications such as size distribution, uniformity, shape and more in real time.

The WipWare Limited Warranty can be found here. If you wish to download related documents, go to our Resources page.


Automated fragmentation photo analysis is being used at Lafarge, Ravena quarry as a part of our ongoing drill, blast and primary crushing continuous process. Wipware’s Reflex system at the Lafarge quarry has been found to be a useful tool for monitoring and collecting raw data that is utilized to evaluate drill/blast performance. One of the examples of the measured gains achieved there using Wipware’s Reflex system as a blast/crush improvement toll is 20% increase in crusher productivity and 12% reduction in crushed product cost with no change in drill and blast cost.

- John Truszkowski, Mining Engineer

Formerly with Lafarge Ravena
Ravena, New York


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