examining material

To calibrate, or not to calibrate; that is the question!

And it’s an important question to ask prior to installing your online bulk material analysis system, regardless of the industry you’re in.


calibration pyramid

Photoanalysis System Calibration

Photoanalysis system data can be used for process control or to track relative changes without calibration. However, if your goal is to replace manual sieving then calibration is required.


dual scale

What should I use as a proper scale?

It is essential to include some type of scaling device in photographs for fragmentation analysis.


ideal location to install WipWare technology

Where’s the ideal location to install WipWare technology?

Are you new to photoanalysis technology? Perhaps you have an installation, and would like to investigate other locations to improve efficiencies?


TS Group

Pit-to-Plant a hit!

Participants jetted in recently from seven countries across four continents to join Canadian attendees for WipWare’s most successful training seminar ever.



Enveloped by standards

Every operation has a specification they need their material size to be within: Whether it’s ASTM specifications for aggregate operations, key performance indicators for crushers and SAGs...


pictures saved directly to hardrive

Can Delta store the images captured by automated systems?

Simple answer is yes. The computer is able to store up to 1000MB worth of images without any issues. Once beyond this point...


cleaning Reflex

What regular maintenance is required for WipWare Photoanalysis Systems?

The only regular maintenance required for our systems is to ensure the lens and lights are clean with as little dust/dirt as possible. The frequency of cleaning depends on the environment it operates in.


Seminar Sold Out

Seminar sold out!

WipWare’s sold-out 5th Annual WipWare Training Seminar is looking to be the firm’s best ever training event.


belt cut

Getting the Picture(s): A guide to continuous monitoring through photoanalysis

WipWare has been in the image analysis business for about 20 years commercially, so we’ve seen a wide range of mining and aggregate sites, all with their unique challenges.


on site system training

How does WipWare facilitate training for its unique products?

WipWare goes above and beyond to ensure that not only customers, but any individual or company who may show interest in a WipWare product has the utmost training and confidence when it comes to utilizing our extensive line of photoanalysis systems.


Training Seminar Guest Speakers

2014 seminar speaker lineup announced!

A trio of powerful guest speakers is helping transform this year’s training seminar into a fragmentation analysis summit.


WipFrag Net

How do I edit WipFrag nets?

We recommend that you first find a suitable starting EDP that will delineate the majority of the small-to medium-sized particles.


curiosity rover

What has WipWare technology been used for?

At WipWare, we often coin ourselves as a mining and aggregate technology provider, as these two industries make up the most of our business.


Edge Detection Parameters

What Edge Detection Parameters (EDP) should I use?

Generally you want to have accurate nets on the small- to medium-sized particles. Once you find a suitable net for this size of material you can manually edit the larger material.


outdoor photographing comparison

When is the best time to take pictures of outdoor material?

Try and avoid taking images early in the morning or late in the day. During these times, the sun is low and will cause long shadows around the particles (especially oversize).


WipWare FedNor Intern Cory Sloan explaining software

WipWare youth internship announced

It was a crowded house today at WipWare while the spotlight shone on Technical Specialist Cory Sloan during a FedNor announcement.


WipWare Warranty

What is WipWare’s warranty policy?

WipWare Inc. offers a one-year limited warranty on all products, including components and software.


Jack By Numbers

How can I see the data?

Both Delta and WipFrag produce a % passing or retained curve visible after each sieve. It also saves the data to a CSV (comma-separated values) file.


Syscom Booth

WipWare at Hillhead

WipWare is proud to be part of Hillhead 2014, the largest quarry show in the world which kicked off this morning in Buxton, England.