WipWare Supports Omega Systems at Exponor 2017


There are a few things that Eduardo Barrales, President of Omega Systems, and Thomas Palangio - Technical Officer of WipWare have in common: a drive to advance instrumentation and technology, a knack for optimizing mining operations from pit to plant, and a love for Antofagasta - considered the pearl of Northern Chile, and the host of Exponor, one of the biggest mining showcases in the country.

"WipWare has an extensive network of clients and history in Chile, and maintaining the relationships we have in this market is a main priority for us" Palangio says, noting that most of the technologies installed in the early 2000s are still in good working order to this day.

Where other technology providers have failed in providing durable solutions to the rugged mining environments in the region, WipWare has thrived. This is evident when speaking with Daniel Silva, Senior systems control Engineer who first started working with WipWare in 2005:

"WipWare's Momentum system is a vital piece of equipment for us. It is tied to the SAG advanced control strategy (MPC), helping us determine the incoming %Fines which we use to compensate with fresh feed in order to avoid SAG over/under loads (which would throw us out of the maximum efficiency grinding point)."

"Also, it has helped us determine on-line the F80, which has become a critical parameter to measure both the effectiveness of the blasting and crushing stages and the expected performance of the SAG mills."

"It is also part of several models we've implemented to determine a "grinding index", Throughput predictor, a virtual P80 for the ball milling, etc. Recently, with new added cameras, it is being used to measure the performance of our pebbles crushing plants. It is also used as the "exchange currency" between the Mine and the Grinding Plant as it measures the quality and distribution of the ore being sent to the Plant. Plant and Metallurgical staff use WipWare's technology a lot for all kind of production analysis, cross-referencing with hardness indexes, process KPI's, etc."

WipWare Supports Omega Systems at Exponor 2017

Barrales, a WipWare distributor since 2015, shares WipWare's passion for providing innovative technologies to the mines and mills across the region, and plans on maintaining and upgrading systems in the region through his Northern Chile General Manager, Rafael Diaz. If you are interested in meeting with WipWare down at Exponor, please contact: rdiaz@omegasystems.cl, or thomas.palangio@wipware.com.

Palangio will be assisting with the event in Antofagasta, and visiting several new and existing clients over the next 3 weeks.