WipWare Congratulates iCAMP on Funding Announcement


WipWare is proud to play a continuing role in a North Bay innovation centre that just received almost $872,000 in federal funding for an expansion project.

Canadore College will use the FedNor funding announced today to grow its Innovation Centre for Advanced Manufacturing and Production (ICAMP) and hire a project and outreach manager to support new and existing businesses. The funding will also be used to purchase and install state-of-the-art equipment such as a 3D metal printer, design simulation software and advanced productivity tools.

"In today's rapidly changing and competitive world getting a product to market quickly is essential for success," WipWare President Tom Palangio said at the announcement. "Being able to create a working prototype literally 'overnight' gives us the edge to compete and win in international markets."

The Centre, which opened its first phase in September 2013, is a unique partnership arrangement focused on business development and expansion that allows companies to conceptualize, design, prototype and improve or test new products for the commercial marketplace.

"We are pleased that our government recognizes the critical role that entrepreneurs and manufacturers play in northern Ontario," said George Burton, Canadore College President and CEO. "Innovation is key to ensuring that all sectors contribute to our region's economic well-being by stimulating business growth and Canadore is proud to play a supporting role in this advancement."

Since opening in 2013, more than 100 companies have shown an interest in using ICAMP to develop or refine new products and processes and more than 150 projects have been completed in this time frame. The Centre has also helped industry retain 16 jobs and create an additional 57 in the region's economy.