WipFrag Software Licenses; What's Available?


By: Paul Chivers

Question: What license options are available for WipFrag particle-size analysis software?

Answer: There are two license options for WipFrag software; software-key and hardware-key, and they're tied to different delivery methods.

WipFrag can be purchased and downloaded directly from the WipWare website using a credit card or PayPal. Download-delivery software employs a software license-key that is emailed to the purchaser following purchase and download. With the software licenses you can activate WipFrag on the same computer an unlimited number of times (i.e., after a reformat). However, if the computer fails and/or is replaced we can authorize up to 2 additional activations (for a total of 3 unique computers). Software license keys will operate over a network, but only one user at a time can be active.

A hardware-key version is also available for an additional cost. The physical version ships on a CD with a hardware license-key that can be installed on multiple computers, but requires that the license key be attached to run the software. Some operations prefer this as it permits them to 'share' the software between several users. Special care must be taken to guard against losing the hardware-key as they can only be replaced if damaged and can be returned to us. We cannot replace lost or stolen keys. Hardware-key purchasers are also responsible for shipping, handling, insurance, taxes and duties. Hardware keys will not operate over a network.

WipWare offers a significant price discount for accredited academic users. All single-user academic licenses are download-delivery software-key only, and can be activated an unlimited number of times on the same computer but can not be transfered to another computer. A 25-user academic license employing a network hardware-key is available for classroom use by accredited colleges and universities.

All versions, software or hardware key, download or CD, retail or academic, are identical in use and functionality.

WipFrag Software Licenses; What's Available?