Welcome To the WipWare Blog!


By: Elaine Ball

Our vision for this blog is to provide the reader with educational content about the fragmentation analysis market (what is this?) in the Mining & Quarry Industry. We will also talk about WipWare Inc. and its history and future, to product innovations and technical knowhow.

This new method of sharing key information with you is set to start here. We will be launching a podcast series to explain our background and give you insight into WipWare.

Thomas Palangio, WipWare's Chief Technical Officer and technical team will be showcasing technical content in order to improve understanding and reduce any misconceptions thus helping the client base improve knowledge and therefore understanding.

Coming soon, I, Elaine Ball, Marketing Director at WipWare, will be showcasing a series of key interviews with President Tom Palangio.

For those who don't know, Tom started his career at Dupont Canada in 1974, in the Explosives division, designing facilities and equipment used in the manufacturing of the commercial explosives, their testing and new product development. In 1995, more than two decades later, Tom picks up the reins of WipWare who specialize in the development of image analysis software and automated systems to instantly and continuously measure size and shape of granular material in production settings.

Ideal for blast evaluation and crushing efficiency measurements, the technology also permits automated process control, quality control and optimization opportunities. Some interesting and exciting things to come, so keep your eyes peeled people.