M4 Photoanalysis System Unveiled!


The wraps came off a revolutionary new particle size analysis system today at one of North America's biggest mining events.

The Future of Fragmentation was revealed as the new WipWare M4 Photoanalysis System was unveiled at the Canadian Institute of Mining (CIM) 2015 Convention in Montreal, where we're exhibiting from May 10 to 13. If you're in Montreal this week, drop by booth #305 for a demonstration.

Significantly smaller and lighter than previous generations of automated fragmentation analysis systems, M4 is also more versatile. Capable of monitoring bulk material on either conveyor belts or moving vehicles, M4 replaces our portable conveyor belt solution, Solo, and Reflex, our moving vehicle solution. M4 can be controlled and results accessed via a central workstation or from any location on Windows, iOS or Android tablets.

The M4 contains an integrated camera, lighting, sensors and CPU using superior edge detection parameters to detect bulk material, collect image samples, and provide accurate, continuous, non-disruptive particle sizing results. This production data can be used for quality control, compliance and automation.

Because M4 is capable of detecting relative changes or contamination in your process it can reduce energy and maintenance costs, enhance personnel safety and improve throughput and quality control.

Benefits include: blast optimization; SAG/AG mill optimization; pre/post crusher evaluation; quality control on load-out conveyors; oversize detection on run-of-mine material; and temporary runs of material in quarry operations. M4 is also featured in a review of emerging Canadian Technology in the April issue of International Mining magazine.