Happy 150th Canada


Canada is celebrating its 150th Birthday this Saturday. To celebrate, WipWare will be closed on Monday July 3rd. In honor of Canada's 150th birthday we have grabbed a historical fact from the years every WipWare employee was born. Enjoy!

Happy 150th Canada

Tom Palangio, President: 1946 - Canada's largest on-land earthquake shakes Central Vancouver Island measuring 7.3 on the Richter Scale and causing extensive property damage. Seventy percent of the chimneys were knocked down in Courtenay, Cumberland, and Union Bay. The quake was felt from Oregon to Alaska and east to the Rocky Mountains.

Rob Palangio, Financial Officer: 1953 - The Stratford Festival opens. Relevant to Robert as he is on the board of directors at the Capitol Center and the North Bay Symphony.

Paulette Etches, WipWare Support: 1957- Lester B. Pearson wins the Nobel Peace Prize for helping resolve the Suez Crisis.

Thomas Palangio, Chief Technical Officer: 1976 - Wayne Gretzky, age seventeen, plays hockey for the Oilers; he is the youngest person in North America playing a major-league sport.

Kevin DeVuono, Technical Support Analyst: 1986 - Air Canada became the first North American carrier to ban smoking from its flights following the 1971 introduction of no-smoking sections on its aircraft.

Scott Michaud, Technical Specialist: 1989 - The Canada - US Trade agreement is created and is the precursor to NAFTA.

Mark Wagner, North American Sales Manager: 1989- One-dollar bills are replaced by the one-dollar coin, popularly called the "loonie."

Kevin Rivard, Technical Specialist: 1990 - The federal government settles a land claim with the Inuit that will give them 350 000 square km of territory in the North, to be called Nunavut.

Nicholas Succee, Domestic Sales: 1991 - The war in the Persian Gulf starts. Canada sends three warships, twenty-six fighter jets, and 2 400 people to the Persian Gulf as part of a United Nations effort to force Iraqi troops to withdraw from Kuwait.

Tony Young, Head MailFrag Specialist: 1997 - Confederation Bridge opens for business, linking Borden-Carleton, Prince Edward Island, and Cape Jourimain, New Brunswick. The 12.9 kilometer bridge cost $1 billion.