Enhanced Quality Control Features Available Inside Delta


By: Mark Wagner

It's been a while since the last blog post. Since January, WipWare has hired on a new technical specialist and will soon be announcing another new employee in the sales department. We are also gearing up for a major new product launch at the CIM conference in Montreal, May 10-14.

Our technical team has been very busy, completing installations in the UK, Germany, Canada and Australia (the techs always get to go to the warm and exciting places... They don't think twice about reminding me about it either).

Kevin Rivard's trip to Australia brought about a suggestion from the mine site that installed our technology. The technical team jumped at the opportunity to introduce a new feature that will allow clients to save images of out-of-spec material into a special folder for easier referencing. (As an aside: If you have a suggestion for WipWare, be sure to let us know. We appreciate and act on client feedback, as we did with this recommendation).

Say you're running a belt load of material that needs to be within a tight specification window, as mandated by either your quality control department, ministry/department of transportation, etc. In addition to being alerted that material is out of specification, our online Delta software will now be able to save the images that are out-of-spec for further review. This feature is ideal for identifying contaminants, over-size, and for general review of material after the alarm sounds and operators are wondering what caused the commotion.

Enhanced Quality Control Features Available Inside Delta

To implement this new feature, please be sure to contact support@wipware.com, and our technical team will give you the details.