Daryl Vaillancourt Visits WipWare


WipWare's doors are always open to people wanting to learn more about our innovative technology. Yesterday, WipWare welcomed Daryl Vaillaincourt - North Bay City Councillor and Chairman of North Bay's Jack Garland Airport's Board of Directors, into our office for a visit as a prelude to a special blog series that Daryl writes.

A four term Councillor and Vice-Chair of the Community Services Committee on council, Vaillaincourt was excited to see one of North Bay's "best-kept secrets" developing innovative products and services to the mining and aggregate industries. "WipWare flies under the radar with many residents in North Bay, due to the niche markets in major mining centres that they focus on around the globe" Vaillaincourt said.

Vaillaincourt regularly features individuals and local companies on his social media platforms to highlight the various industry professionals and/or their businesses that are present in our community.

Thomas Palangio, Chief Technical Officer with WipWare, sees these tours as an opportunity to spread the word about high-tech companies operating successfully out of Northern Ontario: "The mining industry is constantly reinventing itself to keep up with market demands, and WipWare's technology enables these operations to do that."

A prime example of new and innovative technologies available include WipWare's latest fragmentation analysis tablet that can measure particle sizes in blast and stockpiles within seconds, and map the fragmentation results using advanced GIS capabilities.

For more information on the fragmentation analysis tablet, view the recently released video here: