A Complete Guide to WipFrag: The Advanced Tutorial


By: Erik McManus

WipWare is always looking to be innovative and bring great products to the mining industry to further ease the workload of mining engineers. We put our customers first by keeping them up to date on all the new software and providing training whenever necessary. Ever since the release of our WipFrag app, we have been collecting information and listening and responding to all of our client's inquiries to further build a knowledge base on what our clients would like to know.

Now, we are proud to present our WipFrag Advanced tutorial, a step by step guide on using the app from starting a new image analysis to outputting the results. The advanced tutorial has been embedded inside the app so you can watch whenever you need help with a certain area of analysis and it is also on WipWare's YouTube channel.

Below is a list of recent updates to the app that were released on August 12th/2016:

- Added the WipFrag Advanced Tutorial video to the Reference Library.
- Added ability to view image info after opening an analysis via the 'i' button in the title bar.
- Added ability to automatically find the best Rock Factor value based on the current WipFrag results.
- Added ability to add a custom map overlay (ie, UAV image).
- Added ability to snap an image from a system and create an analysis file.
- Added ability to set the Area of Interest when connected to a system.

If you wish to download the WipFrag app, it is available as a demo version on the WipFrag page.