WipWare Visits Two of the Top Mining Schools in Canada


Over the past two weeks WipWare has visited both Laurentian and McGill University to run labs/demonstrations for the mining engineering students. Students were very surprised at how easy the software was to use and were blown away by the UAV capabilities of the technology.

Professors at Laurentian and McGill are looking forward to working with WipWare in the future and are planning on adding a WipWare lab as part of the course.

WipWare Visits Two of the Top Mining Schools in Canada

Ethan Armit professor at Laurentian University had this to say after the visit. "I have heard good feedback from the students!" "Let’s start early with some strategic planning for next year."

WipWare is very excited to continue working with the Universities and sees great benefits to getting more students involved with our technology!

If you are an academic institution and would like to be on WipWare’s list of academic site visits for 2017-2018, feel free to contact Nicholas Succee at nicholas.succee@wipware.com or call WipWare at 705-472-2664 and we will be in touch!