What’s in a Name?


Ever wonder where the company name WipWare came from?

When WipWare president Tom Palangio aided in the development of photoanalysis for fragmentation back in 1986, he did so with the help of University of Waterloo Professor John Franklin. After years of research and development and the eventual commercialization of the company in 1995, it was decided that the Waterloo Imaging Process (WIP) should be integrated into the company name, hence WipWare, and WipFrag.

Today, there are two main logos and names for the software WipWare offers:

WipFrag: The base analysis software that allows a user to capture an image without a scale reference and analyze blast fragmentation on-site.

Delta: The software that powers WipWare’s online technologies including Momentum, Solo and Reflex.

With some spring cleaning comes fresh ideas at WipWare, and our latest logo changes will help our clients better identify with the software offerings.

WipWare’s new Delta logo is what powers our online technology. Delta allows for instant access to your online system and a dashboard view of the fragmentation passing through your operation.

Delta also allows the user to make adjustments to camera settings, KPI tracking, sizing envelope creation and can be used for volumetric readings.

What’s in a Name?

With the roll out of WipFrag 3, WipFrag’s new logo ties into the ‘new blue’ colour scheme.

What’s in a Name?