Prospecting a Bright Future at PDAC 2017


If I had to describe the mood at last week’s PDAC gathering in Toronto it would be "cautious optimism” said Tom Palangio, President of SAMSSA and WipWare Inc.

We are seeing all kinds of positive indicators to suggest that a rebound is underway however don't expect things to ever return to yesterday's "normal".

The prolonged downturn in the mining cycle has caused mining companies and suppliers to not just wait for the comeback but to investigate better, more innovative ways to do things. Contests are underway to find alternative techniques that can improve safety, health, environmental, energy costs and efficiency and the results are encouraging.

New technology, automation, robotics, material handling and data management breakthroughs will change the face of the industry and even render older operations "obsolete " if they can't be retrofitted.

Cooperation and partnership between various groups seemed to be a popular theme globally.

The exploration climate has returned to pre 2010 levels and investment opportunities look strong in many new and previously discovered areas.

The week was filled with positive announcements and SAMSSA , NORCAT and other groups from northern Ontario were well represented at the events.

Prospecting a Bright Future at PDAC 2017

Photo: Tom Palangio signing the agreement between SAMSSA and Mexican state of Guerrero Mining Cluster.