WipWare Inc – Experts in Blast Fragmentation and Process Optimization through Photoanalysis

WipWare designs and manufactures industry-leading photoanalysis and fragmentation analysis software and hardware systems. WipWare systems provide real-time analysis of materials to hundreds of industries in the field, laboratory or production settings. You can find our WipWare Photoanalysis Systems in underground and surface mining, taking test samples on Mars, in quarries, aggregate, forestry, coal and the explosives industries to name a few.


WipWare offers stationary and portable photoanalysis systems for conveyors, haulage trucks and site-specific locations.


    Pulp & Paper
    Micro & Macro Photometrics
    Surface Mining
    Underground Mining
    Quality Control
    Process Control
    Explosives Industry

Fragmentation Analysis

Fragmentation Analysis focuses on analyzing fragmented material through a manual or automated sieving process. WipWare’s photoanalysis software systems offer an automated real-time fragmentation analysis solution with extreme accuracy. It removes the need to use manual sieving techniques.
Millions of dollars saved in:
    Energy Costs
    Lost-time Work Injuries
    Maintenance Costs
    Equipment Downtime
    Process optimization
    Quantitative Decision Making