Hanson Commissioning of WipWare’s Momentum 5 System

February 8, 2019

WipWare’s Chief Technical Specialist, Marty Wanner had the pleasure of traveling to Hanson’s Base Point Quarry in Shell Cove, NSW Australia  at the end of January to commission WipWare’s 3-camera Momentum 5 Online Conveyor Particle Size Analysis System. With the support and assistance of the Hanson team, the 3 camera system was successfully commissioned and real-time particle size telemetry can now be collected.

The Momentum system will be able to detect changes in material size and shape allowing automation and optimization efforts in real-time.

WipWare’s VAR (Value Added Reseller) Glen Blackstock with Micron Scientific Australia Pty Ltd was on hand as well for the permanent installation of this system.









After the permanent installation of the system, a WipFrag demonstration, which is the interface for the system, was done for Hanson personnel.

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