What are network keys?

WipFrag for Windows software keys support network license sharing. The license is attached to the hardware of one computer and can be shared across a company's local network. Only one computer at a time can use the license. WipFrag hardware keys do not have network license sharing, however it can be moved from computer to computer because the license is contained on the USB-type license key. For more information, please refer to WipFrag Product Information Sheet available in our Download area or go to Products & Services - WipFrag.

When is the best time for outdoor image acquisition?

It is recommended to avoid acquiring images early in the morning or late in the day when the sun is at a low point. It is during these times that long shadows are created around the particles (especially oversize) making it harder to find an adequate edge detection parameter. From our experience, the most ideal images are taking late morning or early afternoon on overcast days. Lighting is usually very even during these times creating a slight shadow around all particles. This makes finding an EDP very easy and greatly reduces editing times.

How do I account for fine material?

If you see a great deal of fines when acquiring the images, capture some zoomed in images of the material. WipFrag’s ability to merge analyses will allow you to incorporate these fines into your overall study. When analyzing images containing material that cannot be delineated, you can choose to mark areas as fines using the 'Mark as Fines' edit tool. These areas will be treated as material that is the size of 1 pixel based on the current scale factor of the image.

How many images should I take of the material?

The number of images needed to properly analyze muckpiles or another sample is dependant on a number of things and changes from project to project. The main question to ask yourself when you think you are done obtaining your images is "did I gather an adequate statistical representation of the material in question?". If you have missed the smaller particles, or feel that perhaps they were too small to be delineated, you should take a few zoomed in images of them. As well, if you have neglected the oversize material, you may need an image of them as well. Remember, you can merge multiple analyses together within the software very easily.

What operating systems can be used with WipFrag?

WipFrag 3.0 is designed to run on Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, and Windows 10. It is available as an app on the App Store and can be used on any iOS devices. If you wish to download the app, click here. Unfortunately, WipWare no longer supports the use of the software on older operating systems.

Can a single WipFrag iOS license be used on more than one device?

All iOS licenses are tied to your Apple ID. As per Apple, you are allowed to have up to 10 devices connected to any single Apple ID.

Important information for new WipFrag iOS users!

Newly created Apple IDs should wait 24 hours before purchasing WipFrag 3 from the App Store. Making a large purchase immediately after creating a new account highly increases the chance that your purchase will be blocked (for your protection) and your account will become flagged. Contacting Apple directly is the only way to resolve this issue if it happens. You can find a list of Apple support phone numbers at https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT201232

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