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Vale’s Clarabelle Mill Uses WipWare Technology to Maximize Throughput


Clarabelle Mill is one of Vale’s most automated mills.  It’s no surprise that personnel there would look to WipWare’s particle […]

Dyno Nobel Uses WipWare’s Blast Fragmentation Analysis Software as a Value-added Tool to Enhance Customer Service

Dyno Nobel

Dyno Nobel is a global leader in the explosives industry and uses WipWare’s Reflex technology for quality control in blast […]

WipWare’s Solo Technology Offers Vale a Portable Real-time Solution in Capturing Particle Data


Some of Vale’s Sudbury mines use WipWare’s portable Solo technology to analyze particle data in various aspects of the mining […]

WipWare’s Momentum Technology Helps Vale’s Nickel Refinery


Vale’s nickel refinery uses WipWare’s Momentum technology to improve system efficiency. Prior to the refinery using WipWare’s technology, personnel would […]